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Dog attack attorneys in Houston

Dogs are very loveable creatures until they become dangerous and cause harm to someone. A dog bite can be very…

Dogs are very loveable creatures until they become dangerous and cause harm to someone. A dog bite can be very dangerous, especially to children and the elderly. Houston sees numerous numbers of death and serious injuries leading to permanent disfigurement every year. Negligence on a dog owner’s part can cause serious harm to an innocent victim, making the dog owner liable for the damage. The victim of such an incident may choose to place their claim for compensation, for which they may contact a dog bite lawyer. So, if I am a victim of a dangerous dog challenge attack, where can I find a Dog Bite Lawyer In Houston? The help is closer than one might think. Asking a friend or family who may have suffered such an incident, doing a simple internet search, going through the phone book, are just some of the easiest ways to find a good and experienced dog bite lawyer in Houston.

The law stands with the victim

Experience Counts

Houston dog bite laws follow the “One bite rule, meaning the dog which attacked the victim, already has a history of attacking someone earlier. This proves that the dog owner was aware of the dangerous nature of the dog, and his negligible actions lead to the suffering of another victim. The strict liability frees the victim from proving the negligence anymore. Unfortunately, this one bite rule makes the legal proceedings more complex for the victim, and that is why it is a good idea to hire a legal representative who has expertise in dog bite cases. If the dog owner did not have any idea about the dog’s aggressive nature, they may still be held responsible for the victim’s condition as the owner’s lack of proper care, and lack of proper handling lead to this unfortunate incident. The comparative fault rule followed by Houston holds both involved parties somewhat responsible for the incident. If the court finds out that the victim is partly responsible for the incident, the compensation amount claimed by the victim will suffer a reduction.

Dog bites are dangerous

What are the most common Houston dog bite injuries

Dog bites can because serious injuries and permanent disfigurement. It is important to seek medical counsel right away. According to the centers for disease control, dog bites can lead to infections like tetanus, MRSA, Rabies which require painful, time and money-consuming treatment. A dog attack can lead to scarring, disfigurement, broken or crushed bones, face, and neck injuries, mobility issues, nerve damage, ripped skin, puncture wounds, and torn muscle or ligaments, not to mention the emotional trauma that comes with the incident itself. Apart from physical injury, a vicious dog attack can cause piling up the present and future medical cost, loss of wages and future income, and long-term psychological therapy to overcome the trauma.        

Why need a lawyer

An experienced lawyer

When a pet dog attacks a victim, the owner of the dog or the property can be held responsible for the damage done. Immediately after the attack, the victim must gather the name and contact information of the owner, Ask the dog owner about the history of vaccination record of the dog, take pictures of the injury before seeking medical care, administer proper medical treatment to get the proper assessment of the injury and avoid any follow-up damages, and lastly, find out an experienced dog bite attorney. A good dog bite lawyer investigates the circumstances to get a clear picture of the incident, gather witness statement records, investigate the past history of the dog’s aggressive behavior, assess the total amount of compensation to be claimed, and persuade the insurance company for proper financial settlement so the victim can focus on recovery. All this tenacious work can be too much for someone who just experienced a dog attack, and the insurance companies always try to show the damage lower than it actually is, while making a settlement for a meager amount. As the lawyers work hard to defend the side of their clients, they do not have any obligation towards big insurance companies, so they can represent the victim in the legal field and manage the best suitable benefit for them. It is not hard to find a good and experienced dog bite lawyer in Houston, one just has to look for them and the help will be by their side.            


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