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5 Wonderful Ideas for CD Storage Boxes. Must Read Ones

The importance of cd storage boxes is crucial from a business point of view. You have to choose the right packing solutions…

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The importance of cd storage boxes is crucial from a business point of view. You have to choose the right packing solutions to scale up the business because it is the first thing users see first. You have to learn the rules of good packing options. Here the five ideas for you. Must read.

Card Sleeves or Wallets:

Card sleeves or wallets are the one type of Custom CD Storage Boxes that is very popular amongst people. Its measurement is five inches or 125mm by 125mm almost. These sleeves had a clear window and easy to customize. It is also very cheap, but protective. It uses mostly for promotional and demo disc. It mostly makes of paper envelop and cardboard sheets. Both materials are more durable and available easily. Because eco-friendly material uses for its manufacturing, so it has a low environmental impact. It is the most economical card case but less protective than other custom cardboard boxes.

Cd Jackets 001

Panel Digipacks:

Panel digipacks is another type of Printing CD Storage Boxes. It considers better than the card sleeve because it uses to release high-value CDs and DVDs. The main difference between the digipacks and the wallets is one or two plastics trays in decisions. Digipacks come with ample space that was filled with all information about the product packed in it. It makes of cardboard and a plastic tray. Custom CD jacket allow the space for printing, and the inner part uses to place the CD. This type of packages is also environmentally friendly and can use by any business.

Jewel Cases:

The short form of jewel case is CDs. It is first uses for retail products, but now they are considered at industry standard. These are more demanded, but their popularity decreases in recent years due to dispatches and cardboard stealing. However, it provides a very classical experience at a very affordable cost. It is also cheaper than the digipacks. As jewel case made with the plastic materials, so it has more bad impact on the environment and the human health. This factor can lose customers because now people are more conscious of health and the environment. There you have to think about good designs.

Cd Jackets 01

Mini LP Sleeve:

Mini LP sleeve is a cardboard package that is more considerable among the peoples. This type of CD Storage Boxes Designs uses mostly for a music release. While the Jewel case is more popular with all people, the LP sleeve is much popular in Japan than any other type of packaging. The disadvantage of it that the disc can be scratched easily at any time. But the main advantage of it that it covers originally decorated with textures. It can help in branding and advertising purpose and increase the sales of the business. Finally, it is more environmentally friendly due to the cardboard material.

PVC Wallets:

PVC wallets are the very first type of CD packing options. It has fewer advantages and more disadvantages. It is cheaper than other types of custom boxes, but on the other hand, it is less protective for the packed items. Its manufacturing process is very is but is dangerous for human health and the environment. In the modern age, people like eco-friendly and user-friendly packing rather than cheap. It can lose your customers trust you and can decrease your brand identity.

Therefore you should focus on user-friendly packaging options rather than cheap ones. It increases your brand loyalty and boosts your business. The above mentions points are some basic types of bookend CD case. Each type has its benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, you first know the pros and cons of every packing before choosing the packing option. Finally, if you select these options wisely, you can attract more customers and increase your sales revenue. To know some basic pros and cons of it, you must read the above points.


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