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The Best VR Games for PC in 2021

Virtual reality is slowly conquering the world. Already in every shopping centre or on the embankment, you can plunge into…

By Deepak , in Entertainment , at February 23, 2021

Virtual reality is slowly conquering the world. Already in every shopping centre or on the embankment, you can plunge into another world, sitting in a chair and wearing glasses. But there are many projects that take much more time to get to know than a five-minute session. It is about such games for which it is worth buying a VR headset that we will now talk about.

Half-Life: Alyx

Platform – PC

Everyone was waiting for the new Half-life, but no one could have imagined that only owners of VR headsets would be able to play it. After the announcement, sales of related gadgets skyrocketed, which quickly led to shortages and player discontent.

But the expectations of gamers were more than met. Incredible attention to detail, superb graphics and realistic interaction with the world. You can take a pencil and draw on glass for an hour, or experiment with a bucket and whatever fits in it for 20 minutes. And you will never get tired of brushing off Headcrabs who are always jumping right in the face. Classic shooting from behind cover in the heat of battle can turn into real mayhem in the room, and when gravel gloves fall into your hands, a second wind will open up, and you will understand the VR world in a new way.

Bone works

Platform – PC

Bone works is a virtual reality shooter with incredibly realistic physics. Every object in your line of sight has weight, size, and acceleration. This means that interaction with any object will follow all the laws of physics. But, despite a good linear plot, where you have to “zero” the entire city, you will spend most of your time exploring the world. Moreover, every time seemingly obvious things will cause genuine delight.

Beat Sabre

Platform – PC, PS4

The famous cubes can turn the head of both children and adults. This is the perfect game for a quick session at the mall, for a large group of friends, and for solo play. Despite the fact that soulless cubes act as “opponents”, it is insanely fun and even meditative to shred them, especially with your favourite music. Here is a guide for Roblox promo codes.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Platform – PC, PS4

If The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners came out not in VR, but in a regular performance, one could say that this is an average project in all respects. During the six-hour campaign, the player will have to explore the flooded and epidemic-ridden New Orleans, fight hordes of zombies, interact with the environment, objects and weapons, and fight himself every minute.

But the plot is interesting for the first and last half hour – even for fans of the series. Zombies can only resist with numbers, physics is implemented at the arcade level, not like in Boneworks, and the vestibular apparatus will ask for a break at least every hour. The game is definitely worth checking out, but only if you are a fan of the series and have not played Bone works and Half-life: Alyx before


Platform – PC, PS4

Inside SUPERHOT VR, you find yourself in a dazzling white space where you have to fight with angular opponents. It sounds very simple, but in reality, it is not. The main difficulty is that when you stand still, time stops. A bullet flying directly to the head stops, and the enemy located a couple of centimetres away does not pose a threat. But as soon as you move a little, everything comes to life again and you literally have a second to make a decision.

Basically, you will fight simultaneously with several opponents: in a second you will need to cut a flying bullet with a knife, hook two with a shotgun shot and throw a knife at a third. Despite the simple graphics, the gameplay is very addictive, and just one mistake will send you to the very beginning of the chapter.

Summer Funland

Platform – PC, PS4

Summer Funland is a simple set of VR rides. You have a vast territory at your disposal, through which you can move freely and use a rather long list of entertainment. Roller coaster, shooting range, ocean floor diving, maze, carousel and much more. The perfect way to spend a weekend without leaving your home.

Blade and Sorcery

Platform – PC

If shooters are not to your liking, pay attention to Blade and Sorcery. This is a fantasy-medieval VR game with a lot of emphasis on swordsmanship. To do this, you will be given a varied set of weapons, and even attached to it many parameters taken into account – from weight to materials of manufacture. Well, if suddenly one of the opponents turns out to be too strong, then no one will forbid the fireball to strike. If you want to read more such gaming-related articles then visit gamingfreak.


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