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5 Best Trip Ideas on Holiday in Dubai

Visiting Dubai can be an entertaining experience. Filling your time with cherishable memories and delightful moments can be your top…

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Visiting Dubai can be an entertaining experience. Filling your time with cherishable memories and delightful moments can be your top priority when visiting the city. You can go on your dream vacations in Dubai and spend your time viewing all the beautiful monuments and visiting impressive recreational facilities. The city is densely populated, and it is in the third most economically prosperous nation (the United Arab Emirates). To reach all the destinations booming in the metropolis you need to rent a car. In which you can travel with freedom. Therefore, you can either rent a sports car or a luxury car. Hence you may rent Ferrari in Dubai for going to your favourite restaurants or museums. For making the most out of your journey, we are outlining the five best trip ideas for vacations in Dubai.

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Our travelling plan we are mentioning here consists of all the fascinating things to do in Dubai for five days. This plan can also be suitable for those people who want to spend time in Dubai for even two, three or four days. No matter how many days you have in the city, there is always an activity to do. One of the best things you can do in the city is to rent Bentley in Dubai. So, you can cruise in the mega-city with great comfort. We are starting with the activities.


  1. Relax on Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is the place where you can sit under your umbrella on your towel. However, if you don’t have this gear, you can always rent these things from the beach, around AED 99. In this amount, you can get an umbrella and a pair of chairs. Therefore, this beach provides a brilliant location for viewing the Burj Al Arab. Hence you can bring your camera to take a picture with the sky-scraper.

You can rent Lamborghini in Dubai to visit Jumeirah Beach for a leisure trip.


  1. Browse Stores at the Dubai Mall


Dubai Mall is a well-known attraction for tourists in Dubai. It is famous for its posh shopping stores. The mall is inside the downtown part of the city that is known for its splendid sights. It is one of the gigantic shopping areas made by technology. More than eighty million travellers visit this mall per year. That makes it one of the highly visited malls in the world. It has a large size. There are plenty of activities to do there. Moreover, there are many events taking place at the mall all over the year. The restaurants and shops create new deals and packages for their customers from time to time.

dubai mall

Hence, you can rent Rolls Royce in Dubai to reach Dubai Mall in style.


  1. Have a look at Burj Khalifa


The travel experts advise that you must have a look at Burj Khalifa once you visit Dubai. So you can marvel at the beauty of the complete Downtown Dubai and the locations nearby. You can contact luxury car rental in Dubai for getting a car to reach this destination.


Besides being the highest building made by man, it has five more world records for showing people. For example, it has an elevator that can cover the longest distance. The Burj Khalifa has the highest observation station on the planet.


COST: US $60 for the tickets providing top view at the 124th and 125th levels. The prices vary to the US $119 for top sky 124th, 125th and 148th levels. These tickets are for prime hours.


One of the best ways of travelling to Burj Khalifa is by receiving a car from a Luxury car rental in Dubai.

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  1. Stand by Dubai Frame for Taking Superb Pictures


This giant statue rises to a height of 150m, and it is 90m wide. It is in Zabeel Park near Downtown Dubai. You can always enjoy the chance of taking the picture from a distance for free. However, many people want to enjoy the views by taking tickets to get inside the Dubai Frame. They can even climb it.


COST: AED 50. It can be equal to the US $13.6. Or you can pay $16 for getting it instantly without standing in the line. It consists of climbing up and watching the view and also visiting the museum.


You can always rent Ferrari in Dubai for dropping by Dubai frames to take superb pictures.


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  1. Take a Look at the Fountain Show


Located ahead of the mall inside Downtown Dubai, you can view the Dubai Fountain. So if you are thinking about what to watch in Dubai at night time, you should know that this fountain provides a free special light effects show. The evening shows commence at 6 pm and continue till every hour until 11 pm. Moreover, if you like to enjoy the trip on the cruise boat, you can book a thirty-minute tour.

Moreover, you can contact a luxury car rental company to rent Bentley in Dubai so that you can reach the fountain show easily.


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