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4 things to keep in mind when buying an insurance policy for your sports bike 

Buying a bike insurance policy for a standard bike is a lot different than getting your sports bike insured. For…

By redkox , in Finance , at October 8, 2021

Buying a bike insurance policy for a standard bike is a lot different than getting your sports bike insured. For starters, the premium increases proportionally with the increase in the bike’s cubic capacity and a sports bike has a much higher CC than a standard bike. Along with this, there are plenty of other things that one must keep in mind when buying an insurance policy for a sports bike.

To provide you with more clarity, here are 4 things to keep in mind when buying a sports bike insurance policy – 


  • Opt for a specially curated policy


It is important to begin with an answer for the following question – Will this policy meet my insurance requirements? Before you buy a bike insurance policy, have a look at the terms and conditions along with any other available fine print and get an understanding of the coverage you can expect. You would want maximum inclusions if you have an expensive bike model. 


  • Compare the different insurance providers 


Just like a car insurance calculator, you can use a bike insurance calculator and get the most accurate quote for your sports bike insurance premium. Since the insurance premium for such high-end bikes is higher, it is even more important to compare and research about the same. Failing to do so might result in you paying a way higher premium and still not getting the right desired coverage. Not all insurance companies provide insurance plans for sports bikes and thus you have a smaller number of insurers to compare and ensure that you get the right coverage at the right premium. 


  • Pay attention to the deductibles 


Choosing voluntary deductibles surely helps you bring your premium lower but it also reduces the total amount an insurer covers you for. This is a very important point to consider as the parts of a sports bike cost higher and choosing a higher voluntary deductible essentially means that this money comes out of your pocket if the repair costs more than your bike’s IDV. Hence, it is important to maintain a balance when choosing your voluntary deductibles. 


  • Avail the zero-depreciation add-on 


The market value of any vehicle depreciates with time and use. One needs to keep this in mind whether they are buying bike insurance, car insurance, or even commercial vehicle insurance as the depreciation is applicable to all. Sports bikes depreciate faster when compared to standard bikes and if you intend to use your vehicle for a long time, you should definitely consider buying the zero-depreciation add-on with your bike insurance plan. 

We hope this blog proves helpful the next time you set out to buy an insurance policy for your sports bike. Remember that you can easily buy coverage online. Buying bike insurance online is convenient, easy, and even paperless. So, go ahead and sign up for a bike insurance policy today. All the best! 



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